Institute of Energy, - Process- and Environmental Technology 

Welcome to the virtual tour of the Institute of EVU(on english: Institute of Energy,- Process- and Enviroment Technology) Jade University, study location Wilhelmshaven. On our site you can find information about our Institute and our projects. Our staff will gladly help you with specific questions, the contact person on the various issues are defined specifically - you also use the contact form below about us / contact (Impressum / Kontakt). The Institute has developed in 2003 from the scientific establishment of the Department of Engineering Sciences EVU course of study mechanical engineering.

Multiple tasks open up the well-trained engineers in the diverse areas of process technology. Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. Investments that are not the high environmental standards properly, no longer are sold worldwide. Cleaning equipment and dust detoxify exhaust, causing sewage plants, waters and lakes that are no longer contaminated. The recycling of used goods and scrap saves raw materials, good production requires less energy. An efficient use of energy and a resource-conscious waste management (recycling) helps to alleviate the environmental problems we face today.